Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman by Tancread
Wonder Woman, a photo by Tancread on Flickr.

Classic WonderWoman!

Via Flickr:
A nice Wonder Woman costume from the Origins 2008 Game Convention Costume Contest.

Napolean Dynomite costume and that Travelocity gnome again

Love the gnome costume!

Napolean Dynomite Costume

Napolean by FRICTION NYC
Napolean, a photo by FRICTION NYC on Flickr.

Vote for Pedro - Movie character costumes

Umas and that Japanese schoolgirl in Kill Bill

Via Flickr:
Rose got pulled in by this trio of Umas at the bar.

Love this -- Three Umas! Costume (photo)

Meet the Umas by mulaohu
Meet the Umas, a photo by mulaohu on Flickr.

Such a great idea for a halloween costume! Uma Thurman in three of her movie roles-- LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Great for three friends.

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Via Flickr:
Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction and Batman.

Meet Tom Cruise & Suri Costume

Meet Tom Cruise by mulaohu
Meet Tom Cruise, a photo by mulaohu on Flickr.

For Halloween. Tom Cruise, Suri & Katie Holmes. Don't forget your Scientology book! L. Ron Hubbard will thank you.

Via Flickr:
I loved this costume!

katie holmes costume

katie holmes by atonal
katie holmes, a photo by atonal on Flickr.

I have a few more ideas for the Katy Holmes, Tom Cruise and Suri halloween costume.

Tom Cruise Costume - Top Gun

Via Flickr:
Nailed it! Tom "CAPSLOCK" Cruise. It's like I'm on the set of Top Gun!

Something something Danger Zone! ♫

Maybe that's why they moved TRASH! to Webster Hall... Continue Reading »

Tom Cruise Risky Business Costume

No pants guy by Ray_from_LA
No pants guy, a photo by Ray_from_LA on Flickr.

If you need a Tom Cruise costume for this halloween-- he's a blast from the past. Now just add Suri, Katie and a divorce and you're set.

Via Flickr:
Lily pointed out this guy who wore no pants, and I took his picture. When he put on his sunglasses, I realized he was Tom Cruise from Risky Business. (The other major movie character was Daryl Hannah from Blade Runner, when she battles with Harrison Ford in the climax. I saw 2 of those, one woman, one man.)

Sarah Palin or Tina Fey Costume

Liz Lemon from 30 rock or maybe Sarah Palin...

Via Flickr:
Jenny M. as Sarah Palin/Tina Fey