Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day of the Dead - Beautiful skeleton woman

Day of the Dead by Lady/Bird
Day of the Dead, a photo by Lady/Bird on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Went to the Day of the Dead procession in San Francisco's Mission District this evening wearing a $4 Thrift Town wedding dress dyed lavender.

Topped the evening off with Hubba Hubba Revue @ Uptown in Oakland.

What a grand evening it was!!

This photo is 100% by me btw

Head on a table...or a wine box (not sure)

     by cjosof
, a photo by cjosof on Flickr.

but like the wine in the photo for Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Charlie Brown Ghost Costume

Charlie Brown Ghost by Uriel 1998
Charlie Brown Ghost, a photo by Uriel 1998 on Flickr.

Another way to do the home made Charlie Brown ghost costume. DIY halloween costumes / homemade costumes

You just need a white sheet and black paint or black felt.

Via Flickr:
Kiddo was the ghost from Charlie Brown...

ghost costume (Charlie Brown) 9

Cute idea-- be the Charlie Brown ghost for Halloween -- EASY costume. Just start cutting eye holes!

DIY homemade easy costumes ideas. adults or kids

Space Ghost Costume

Space Ghost by Bryan Bruchman
Space Ghost, a photo by Bryan Bruchman on Flickr.

for Halloween

Via Flickr:
coworker Alex in his Space Ghost costume

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Black and White Michael Jackson COstume

Thriller costume!

Via Flickr:
My fave costume of the party.

***This would make a good couple costume.

Michael Jackson forever costume (female)

Michael Jackson forever by ■ Guerry
Michael Jackson forever, a photo by ■ Guerry on Flickr.

Cute (and a woman) as michael Jackson

celebrity halloween costumes

Sara in a Hot Dog Costume at Target 2012

So if you really want to be HOT this year. There's also a beer costume if you can find it.

Best Superman Costume ever...

Superman by Fonzie's cousin
Superman, a photo by Fonzie's cousin on Flickr.

Okay, this guy has what we need ot see in our superheroes.

I did say I was posting sexy halloween costumes, but no, that is not just limited to women. There will be sexy men costumes as well.

Superman costume.

Frederick's of Elm Street (Female Freddy Kruger Costume)

Frederick's of Elm Street by greyloch
Frederick's of Elm Street, a photo by greyloch on Flickr.

A sexy Freddy Kruger costume.

This is good because it's classic halloween with a sexy edge without falling into that I've had too much to drink Halloween look that I see so much this time of year...

Via Flickr:
She could haunt my nightmares any time. :-D

Reminds me of "Frederick's of Hollywood" meets "A Nightmare on Elm Street."

Sexy but a bit scary, especially the damage she could do with her hand. O.O! ;-)

Sexy Disney Witch from Snow White

Malificent the Sexy by greyloch
Malificent the Sexy, a photo by greyloch on Flickr.

Malificent the Sexy

Okay, I knew I'd have to post some "sexy costumes" because well, this is what many are looking for. I'll try to post sexy without obscene or slutty. I will stay with the cool costumes as much as possible.

Via Flickr:
Finally caught up to Belle and Tailesin on Friday (never did see them for the rest of the con but that's Dragon*Con for ya!). She did this wickedly evil & sexy version of Malificent (Disney villainess). Belle, feel free to snag and re-post if you'd like.

Hmmm... maybe evil does have it's benefits. Grrr, baby, grrr... (j/k Belle).

Tech stuff: Used Photoshop (clone & healing brushes) to help blend out the make-up that got smeared on her cowl; slight blur on her face as the angle I took this photo made her dark blush make-up look too dark; and used the healing brush to minimize the wrinkles from her green tights (the less make-up to put on & clean up later, the better!).

Steve Zissou Costume (DIY)

Steve Zissou by SansPoint
Steve Zissou, a photo by SansPoint on Flickr.

another easy one for the Bill Murray fans.

David Byrne from the Talking Heads Costume

David Byrne by SansPoint
David Byrne, a photo by SansPoint on Flickr.

This can be a pretty easy costume for a guy, just get a HUGE suit to wear.

Easy DIY costumes for guys-- Rock and roll ideas.

Via Flickr:
Stop Making Sense.

Frankenstein's Pet Costume

Frankenstein's Pet by SansPoint
Frankenstein's Pet, a photo by SansPoint on Flickr.

Just make sure you attend a costume party with A LOT of room! Holy moly, this is one incredible costume. Unique!'

Via Flickr:
This guy won "Most Fabulous Costume" and justifiably so.

The Peppermint King Costume

The Peppermint King by SansPoint
The Peppermint King, a photo by SansPoint on Flickr.

I'm not even sure what to say about this one! But love the chalice (um, pimp cup...)

Via Flickr:
Check out the Pimp Cup

Sir Elton John costume (and a Catgirl)

Mr. Elton John for Halloween.

Halloween Costumes - Teen Wolf

Halloween Costumes - 2006 by Uriel 1998
Halloween Costumes - 2006, a photo by Uriel 1998 on Flickr.

Before their was Jacob, there was Teen Wolf!

The make-up (and orange sweatshirt) is most important on this one!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lego Man Costume Halloween!

Halloween 09 - Street by Stepan Mazurov
Halloween 09 - Street, a photo by Stepan Mazurov on Flickr.

Progressive Insurance "Flo" Halloween costume

Halloween 2009 by merfam
Halloween 2009, a photo by merfam on Flickr.

You know, the lady from the commercials! FLO!

Halloween visitors with the President, 31 October 1963

Found this and wanted to share--

Via Flickr:
Halloween visitors with the President. President Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr., Caroline Kennedy. White House, Oval Office.

Photograph by Cecil Stoughton, White House, in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston. # ST-C372-6-63 31 October 1963 . Public domain.

Kikkoman and Salmon Sushi

Kikkoman and Salmon! by hellinjay
Kikkoman and Salmon!, a photo by hellinjay on Flickr.

Okay, GREAT couple costume! Sushi and soy sauce!

Halloween couple costume ideas

Halloween Sushi Girls costumes

Cute GROUP costume for those who love Sushi or wearing it on their heads.

Halloween Emo Boy Costume

Halloween Emo Boy by fiskadoro
Halloween Emo Boy, a photo by fiskadoro on Flickr.

I actually thought this was pretty funny, esp if this is NOT your normal personality.

Via Flickr:
My poor attempts at dressing up for Halloween

Kia Hampsters on Halloween

I am so not sure how I feel about these costumes.... but I bet they are warm.

King Tut costume!

King Tut!

Via Flickr:
Halloween on 6th Street
Austin, Texas

Old School -- Halloween 1964

Halloween 1964 by Robert Couse-Baker
Halloween 1964, a photo by Robert Couse-Baker on Flickr.

Just LOVED this mom and son halloween photo

Fantastic Frankenstein for Halloween

Halloween by gaudiramone
Halloween, a photo by gaudiramone on Flickr.

Love this Frankenstien for a Halloween costume. Excellent make-up (and photography!)

Via Flickr:

Mario and the Princess

Just added this in for the gamers...

Via Flickr:
It's me, Mario. The princess is not in the other castle.

Mario costume, Princess Toadstool costume.

Paul and Adam's house, Manassas, Virginia.

October 30, 2010.

... Read my blog at

paris hilton and agent orange Costumes

paris hilton and agent orange by feeb
paris hilton and agent orange, a photo by feeb on Flickr.

Love Agent Orange!

Paris would be an easy costume to put together. just need the blonde wig!

peewee and tinkerbell the dog

peewee and tinkerbell the dog by feeb
peewee and tinkerbell the dog, a photo by feeb on Flickr.

Love the PEE WEE Herman costume !

This would be great for halloween! LOVE!

Alice in Wonderland Group Costume

Alice in Wonderland by xadrian
Alice in Wonderland, a photo by xadrian on Flickr.

Mad Hatter, rabbit, Alice, Ace of Spades,

Via Flickr:
Some friends at a Halloween party. You can't really see me back there but I'm the Ace of Spades - just another card in the Queens army.

Ace of Spades costume...

Ace of Spades by xadrian
Ace of Spades, a photo by xadrian on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Cardboard, dot-matrix paper, sharpies, packing tape, semi-gloss interior pant on the back, flag pole - and lots of help from Cheryl. Had a blast, don't know why I'm pulling the stoic burglar face. This outfit was a pain in the ass to get around inside a crowded party.

Matrix Cypher costume

trench coat, black books, attitude.

Matrix costume

Classic Tinkerbell costume with orange wings

katsucon-2010-220 by chomiji
katsucon-2010-220, a photo by chomiji on Flickr.

I like the wing color! And the original dress. Cute.

Via Flickr:
Tinkerbell from Peter Pan (Disney)

Sprite (Tinkerbell) costume

Very cute and a little warmer than your normal Disney tinkerbell costume!

Fairy costume ideas for women on Halloween.

Men as Tinkerbell, Princess Jasmine, Pocahontas, Princess Aurora, Alice, Cinderella, Snow White, and Ariel

How to make the Disney princess go ugly quick! Actually, I think these are fantastic costumes! Especially the facial hair!

Costumes for men who want to be fairies or where dresses...

Halloween costume ideas - funny for guys.

Princess Leia Star Wars costume & R2D2

space invaders at the school by opacity
space invaders at the school, a photo by opacity on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Featured on Disney Costume Ideas.

Sci-Fi costume ideas Princess Lea

Costume - Ratatouille (Halloween costume ideas)

Costume - Ratatouille by Loren Javier
Costume - Ratatouille, a photo by Loren Javier on Flickr.

Love this! be a chef!

Via Flickr:
Taken on October 14, 2011 at Mickey's Halloween Party at Pirate Wharf at the Frontierland Dock at Frontierland, Disneyland (Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA)

Please note: These are not official Disney characters, but people dressed in costume for Mickey's Halloween Party

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mr. T Costume

mr. t by sheeshoo
mr. t, a photo by sheeshoo on Flickr.

halloween costume ideas-- Mr. T (from the A-Team)

somewhere over the rainbow

somewhere over the rainbow by sheeshoo
somewhere over the rainbow, a photo by sheeshoo on Flickr.

Rainbow Brite & Willy Wonka costumes.

I just love this photo!

yes, this is what Halloween should be about...

Via Flickr:
rainbow brite on willy wonka's back

Rainbow Bright (rainbow girl costume) Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory costume

Charlie Brown & with Snoopy halloween costume

Charlie Brown & Snoopy by ginnerobot
Charlie Brown & Snoopy, a photo by ginnerobot on Flickr.

Halloween costume


Hilarious! Easy Charlie Brown from Peanuts costume

AAUGH! by ginnerobot
AAUGH!, a photo by ginnerobot on Flickr.

Okay, I love the Sharpie marker swirl on his forhead. This is a GREAT costume.

Of course, I don't quite remember Charlie Brown having a beard, but I'll take it!

And all Halloween you could walk around saying, "I got a rock..."

Another Willy Wonka Costume idea

Willy Wonka by ginnerobot
Willy Wonka, a photo by ginnerobot on Flickr.

Don't forget the Everlasting Gobstoppers!

jackie o

jackie o by throw her in the water
jackie o, a photo by throw her in the water on Flickr.

We should all be Jacqueline Kennedy once in our lives... Glamour costume!