Friday, November 16, 2012

Pea in the Pod

Pea in the Pod by rocketlass
Pea in the Pod, a photo by rocketlass on Flickr.

Sweet pea costume for infants/babies.


Nyan Cat Costume

Nyan Cat by rocketlass
Nyan Cat, a photo by rocketlass on Flickr.

Okay, when I saw this I thought it was a poptart costume. Oh well, I get it now. The rainbow should have clued me off.

Via Flickr:
Prize: Best Memestume x2 AND Most Satisfyingly Specific
Description: Category: Internet Meme
Costume: Nyan Cat
In Disguise: Ian Baker, age 10
Internet sensation Nyan Cat, aka Rainbow Poptart Kitty (see The flipside of this costume (alas, not shown here) portrays Tac Nayn!
Submitted by: Emily Baker

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Halloween Costume Winners

Halloween Costume Winners by MarkyBon
Halloween Costume Winners, a photo by MarkyBon on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
TeenWolf and Mr. Oogie Boogie won our costume contest this year.

Cavemen and Cavewomen costumes Group Costume

EVERY LITTLE HELPS !, a photo by gazzat on Flickr.

Really cute!

group halloween costume!

Via Flickr:
Even cavemen have to help with the shopping it seems.

Julian Assange and Bradley Manning costume

Via Flickr:

Couples Costume - 101 Dalmations Cruella DeVille & Her Dog

maybe my best costume ever? by besha
maybe my best costume ever?, a photo by besha on Flickr.

dalmatian and Cruella DeVil

Great costume for all couples!

Halloween costume contest winners.

Voo Doo Doctor costume

Best costume by allisonallison
Best costume, a photo by allisonallison on Flickr.

Halloween costume ideas

best costumes ever

Via Flickr:
I like the dead animal in the plastic bag. Adds a nice touch.

Old Photo Album | Best Costume Ever Retro!

Via Flickr:
May 1978. I wish this was a halloween costume. In any case, I think this was for some Cub Scouts costume party. I went as "dice".

Best costume of the night: The Silver Surfer. And son. And giant hoagie.

Halloween costume ideas 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

80's Madonna {halloween} photo by Erik Hyler

Pretty Amazing Madonna Desperately Seeking Susan....

Musician costume
Via Flickr:

Amy Winehouse Costume -Halloween

Or the ghost of Amy Winehouse (sadly)...

Via Flickr:
Castlefest is a festival to honour the sun, which at the Celts was worshipped as the god Lugh. This god brought mankind a lot of good things; he taught us how to grow grain and he warms the earth, so that the grain can grow and we can eat. The old Celtic harvest feast Lughnasadh is held in honour of this god. To this day heathens and Celtics alike celebrate this feast yearly around the first of August, also on Castlefest!

Castlefest is een festival ter ere van de zon, die bij de Kelten werd vereerd als de god Lugh. Deze god bracht de mensen veel goede dingen. Zo leerde hij ons om graan te verbouwen en hij verwarmt de aarde, zodat het graan kan rijpen en wij te eten hebben. Het oude Keltische oogstfeest Lughnasadh is aan deze god gewijd. Tot op de dag van vandaag vieren heidenen en kelten dit feest ieder jaar rond begin Augustus, ook op Castlefest!

Read More here

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Lady Gaga Costume

AUSA by Anna Fischer
AUSA, a photo by Anna Fischer on Flickr.

Another option for Lady Gaga on Halloween!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Holmes & Watson

Holmes & Watson by mhaithaca
Holmes & Watson, a photo by mhaithaca on Flickr.

for the literary inclined or just those who like pipes and good mystery--

Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson, I presume. Halloween costume 2012

flock of seagulls costume

flock of seagulls by lanceball
flock of seagulls, a photo by lanceball on Flickr.

Halloween from the 80's Retro looks.

DEVO Group Costume

DEVO by abardwell
DEVO, a photo by abardwell on Flickr.

Or for your next 80's party! Easy costume.

Halloween costumes 1980's style! music group.

halloween costume-- Talking Head's David Byrne

halloween by mk30
halloween, a photo by mk30 on Flickr.

The big suit

Via Flickr:
the face i was goin for: here

if you are unfamiliar with the big suit.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman by Tancread
Wonder Woman, a photo by Tancread on Flickr.

Classic WonderWoman!

Via Flickr:
A nice Wonder Woman costume from the Origins 2008 Game Convention Costume Contest.

Napolean Dynomite costume and that Travelocity gnome again

Love the gnome costume!

Napolean Dynomite Costume

Napolean by FRICTION NYC
Napolean, a photo by FRICTION NYC on Flickr.

Vote for Pedro - Movie character costumes

Umas and that Japanese schoolgirl in Kill Bill

Via Flickr:
Rose got pulled in by this trio of Umas at the bar.

Love this -- Three Umas! Costume (photo)

Meet the Umas by mulaohu
Meet the Umas, a photo by mulaohu on Flickr.

Such a great idea for a halloween costume! Uma Thurman in three of her movie roles-- LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Great for three friends.

keywords: Group costume, winning costumes ideas. Girl costumes

Via Flickr:
Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction and Batman.

Meet Tom Cruise & Suri Costume

Meet Tom Cruise by mulaohu
Meet Tom Cruise, a photo by mulaohu on Flickr.

For Halloween. Tom Cruise, Suri & Katie Holmes. Don't forget your Scientology book! L. Ron Hubbard will thank you.

Via Flickr:
I loved this costume!

katie holmes costume

katie holmes by atonal
katie holmes, a photo by atonal on Flickr.

I have a few more ideas for the Katy Holmes, Tom Cruise and Suri halloween costume.

Tom Cruise Costume - Top Gun

Via Flickr:
Nailed it! Tom "CAPSLOCK" Cruise. It's like I'm on the set of Top Gun!

Something something Danger Zone! ♫

Maybe that's why they moved TRASH! to Webster Hall... Continue Reading »

Tom Cruise Risky Business Costume

No pants guy by Ray_from_LA
No pants guy, a photo by Ray_from_LA on Flickr.

If you need a Tom Cruise costume for this halloween-- he's a blast from the past. Now just add Suri, Katie and a divorce and you're set.

Via Flickr:
Lily pointed out this guy who wore no pants, and I took his picture. When he put on his sunglasses, I realized he was Tom Cruise from Risky Business. (The other major movie character was Daryl Hannah from Blade Runner, when she battles with Harrison Ford in the climax. I saw 2 of those, one woman, one man.)

Sarah Palin or Tina Fey Costume

Liz Lemon from 30 rock or maybe Sarah Palin...

Via Flickr:
Jenny M. as Sarah Palin/Tina Fey

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The other Conan costume

IMG_4632 by chicagogear
IMG_4632, a photo by chicagogear on Flickr.

Love this kid! With the Late Night with Conan O'Brien desk and all. And he was in a race! Amazing! Team Coco!

Via Flickr:
Little Conan O'Brien!

Conan costume

Conan by heathervesta
Conan, a photo by heathervesta on Flickr.

For those who love the barbarian.

Where's Waldo? Edmonton Underwear Affair

Okay, this may not be the best costume, but it surprised me! Where's Waldo runner in a 10K run.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Croc Costume - 09.jpg

Croc Costume - 09.jpg by L. Marie
Croc Costume - 09.jpg, a photo by L. Marie on Flickr.

Cardboard crocodile costume!

for kids!

DIY halloween costume reptile ideas

Via Flickr:
Costume instructions here.