Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tiger Woods Halloween costume

Tiger Woods by Brianz
Tiger Woods, a photo by Brianz on Flickr.

And if you have a blond friend, you can have groupies and lovers for him as well.

Cheap costume, the Nike hat would be your most expensive item if you have a blazer and a club.

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Jackie O Costume (Dark Humor)

Jackie O by Brianz
Jackie O, a photo by Brianz on Flickr.

If you want to be Jacqueline Kennedy jacqueline onassis with a dark sense of humor, here's her pink dress she wore during the assassination of President Kennedy and the brains on the dress. ugh. But definitely a unique memorable costume!

Jackie O halloween scary costume.
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Amish Costume

Amish by Brianz
Amish, a photo by Brianz on Flickr.

For halloween, straw hat, overalls, beard, you're set.

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Twister Costume

Twister by Brianz
Twister, a photo by Brianz on Flickr.

Cute 60's Twister dress. This is just a costume if you want ot go to the Halloween party and look cute.

Hall and Oates Couple Halloween Costume

Hall and Oates by Brianz
Hall and Oates, a photo by Brianz on Flickr.

LOVE THIS! Way funny! some wigs, a mustache, some weird blazer, you are set!

Rock the halloween party - because your kiss is on my list...

I'd have it playing on your iPhone as you walk in the door too.

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Amelie Costume!

Gnomes by Brianz
Gnomes, a photo by Brianz on Flickr.

For those who love foreign films, you will recognize Amelie and her gnome.

Cute idea for the more refined party goer.

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The holiday spirit - Salvation Army Bell Ringer Costume

The holiday spirit by Brianz
The holiday spirit, a photo by Brianz on Flickr.

Hilarious bringing your own bucket and sign to the party.

You might earn some cash at your halloween party too!

Unique costume ideas for Halloween contests and parties.

Best costume ideas-

Mime Costume...

Mime by Brianz
Mime, a photo by Brianz on Flickr.

Hong Kong Fooey (Phooey) Halloween Costume! LOVE THIS!

Hong Kong Fooey by Brianz
Hong Kong Fooey, a photo by Brianz on Flickr.

Okay, ridiculously easy (and comfy) and I LOVE this costume.

For those who grew up in the 70's (children of the 1970's!) you recognized this right away--

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Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny

Hugh and Bunny by Brianz
Hugh and Bunny, a photo by Brianz on Flickr.

Another great couple costume. And whoever plays HUGH gets a cozy costume.

I'd like to do this with the man as the playboy bunny. that would probably win a few costume contests.

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Good and Evil costume

Good and Evil by Brianz
Good and Evil, a photo by Brianz on Flickr.

Flashdance Costume for Halloween

She's a maniac by Brianz
She's a maniac, a photo by Brianz on Flickr.

She's a maniac

Via Flickr:
Flashdance girl

For the ladies (or men!) - a comfortable costume for Halloween -- Jennifer Beals from Flash dance!

Unique costume ideas (and comfy costume idea!)

Madam Red from Red Butler - Costumes for the Anime Lover

Madam Red by greyloch
Madam Red, a photo by greyloch on Flickr.

PHoto by Grey Loch

Via Flickr:
I think this is a Rule 63 version of Alucard from Hellsing. If anyone can give further information, I'd be very appreciative.

Update: This is Madam Red from the anime show, "Black Butler," set in the Victorian London during the time of Jack the Ripper. Thank you, Anna, for the info. :-)

Anime Matsuri costume - cosplay

Anime Matsuri by Anna Fischer
Anime Matsuri, a photo by Anna Fischer on Flickr.

Love the shoes and guns.

Halloween Costume for the one who loves Comics

Pretty unique, I've never seen one like this.

Anime fans, take note...

Via Flickr:
Here's a goofy looking picture of me (or a picture of me looking goofy (or just a picture of me)), dressed up as Duddits, a minicomics character by Liz Prince, and Maris Wicks. Not shown is the tail I made, which hung in the back.

Couple Costume: Devil & Nun

With the man as the nun and the woman as the devil. Cute.

I liked the switch here. But the woman could be the nun too. Or a pregnant nun, which is funny.

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Halloween Costume Contest, Sexiest Costume: Female Chef or Baker

I'm guessing she's a sexy baker, or a sexy chef or cook. She won for sexiest costume.

I'm including this because a few of you wanted some sexy unique costume ideas and this looks like one you could do yourself.

I'm not sure what's she's wearing for a top, white silk napkins? it's not much, whatever it is.

Halloween Costume Toilet: The Party Pooper

Every party needs a Pooper...

Toilet costume... talk amongst yourself...

Halloween costume: White Suburban Dad Cannibal

Halloween costume by chuggybear
Halloween costume, a photo by chuggybear on Flickr.

Okay, very unique. You've heard of Fine Young Cannibals, try this--

Via Flickr:
White Suburban Dad Cannibal



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Halloween Costume: Man as Hooters Girl

Halloween Costumes by notmargaret
Halloween Costumes, a photo by notmargaret on Flickr.

Dear gawd, it's always a good laugh when a middle-age man dresses up like this and if you have the guts (no pun intended) to do this, go for it.

Please wear less tight shorts though. My eyes are burning.

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Via Flickr:
Take a good look ladies. Because that's all you can take. He's married.

Creepiest Halloween Costume: The Burger King

Halloween Costumes by notmargaret
Halloween Costumes, a photo by notmargaret on Flickr.

Hate this guy on TV, but funny halloween costume.

Scariest costume out there, I'd say. Creepy Burger King.

Via Flickr:
the burger king costume

Halloween Costume -Couple Costume:Showgirl, Sigfried & Roy

Halloween Costumes by notmargaret
Halloween Costumes, a photo by notmargaret on Flickr.

This is one for either 3 people:
Sigfreid & Roy, plus showgirl

or a husband/wife, boyfriend girlfriend: Roy & Showgirl.

Actually, if someone dressed as the tiger, you could have 4 people do this costume.

Love this. Easy AND with a little dark humor. Love the unbuttoned shirt too.

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Via Flickr:
Roy (with mauling tiger) and his showgirl costumes

Halloween Costume - Cigarette Girl

Halloween Costumes by notmargaret
Halloween Costumes, a photo by notmargaret on Flickr.

Cigars, Cigarettes -- here's a costume for those who like vintage or retro things.

Via Flickr:
cigarette girl costume

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Late Night with Conan O'Brien Costume

IMG_4632 by chicagogear
IMG_4632, a photo by chicagogear on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Little Conan O'Brien! Team Coco Halloween

Patrick Star from Spongebob

Patrick Star AKA Madoka by mrtruffle
Patrick Star AKA Madoka, a photo by mrtruffle on Flickr.

Patrick the starfish spongebob halloween costume

Spongebob Squarepants costume

Spongebob by lgsinden
Spongebob, a photo by lgsinden on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
She is a clever girl; she designed this costume and even had holes big enough to eat some candy while walking around.

George & Jane Jetson

George & Jane Jetson by lynx81
George & Jane Jetson, a photo by lynx81 on Flickr.

couple costume ideas...

Jane Jetson

Jane Jetson by rwillia532
Jane Jetson, a photo by rwillia532 on Flickr.

Halloween costume, jane jetson! Love the purple dress

george, jane, and judy jetson

Judy Jetson and the Greek Godess of Pandas

judy jetson

judy jetson by jasminejennyjen
judy jetson, a photo by jasminejennyjen on Flickr.