Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sarah Palin costume warning

Hilarious NO Sarah Palin Costume warning . Love this!

From Shrek Costume!

Harry Potter costumes

Harry Potter costumes, originally uploaded by rmkoske.

Via Flickr:
I'm not as familiar with the details of the school uniforms as I could be, but I was really pleased with how simple it seemed to be for the younger Harry Potter fans to put together a school uniform that looked real to my eyes. These guys have the robes, of course, but I saw many without the robes that still looked quite nice.

Wonder Woman & Supergirl (photo)

Costumed Comic-Con, originally uploaded by mhaithaca.

I like the superhero costume for women that dont' fall into overly sexy. These are perfect! A good couple costume for best friends.

Keyword: BFF costumes, besties costume Super Girl costume


Gilligan & Skipper Costume

Costumed Dragon*Con, originally uploaded by mhaithaca.

For the retro TV fan, here's the perfect Gilligan's Island costume! (for couples or buddies!)

I Dream of Jeannie Costume

Costume Con 2009, originally uploaded by Anna Fischer.

For the retro TV fans, I dream of Jeannie (aka Genie!)

My Tron Costume in All Its Glowery

Via Flickr:
Boy, I'm glad my wife forced me to wear a loincloth!

(More details on the costume are here)

Starbucks Barista costume

okay, you either need to make an apron or a friend who works at Starbucks, but easy costume!

Via Flickr:
A co-worker lent me their wife's sister's Starbucks apron to use as my costume for Halloween.

Rollercoaster Costume

Rollercoaster Costume, originally uploaded by krossbow.

Okay, this is kind of amazing! A couple costume for those who love a good carnival!

Two people on a roller coaster! LOVE IT!

I can only imagine what happens when one of them needs to use the restroom. Bathroom breaks must be a pain or a group effort!

Via Flickr:
The picture from a few years later has been pretty popular so I dug out these earlier pics that show the different sides of this costume made out of a box. Here is the link to a later version with a bigger box

This picture has been used on the following blog(s):

Suffragist Halloween Costume

I think this is pretty hilarious! But I always love it when men dress as women. I'm easy that way.

Via Flickr:
My costume last year. I think I've decided to do historical drag for Halloweens from now on--it was very popular!

Slinky Dog Costume

Slinky Dog Costume, originally uploaded by anniehp.

Way cute!

Via Flickr:
I made this Slinky Dog costume for the premier of Toy Story 3. I knit the hat and hand-stitched the felt facial features. I also knit the backside, and attached it using an actual slinky. I made the tail out of a spring from the inside of a clicky pen.

Han Solo costume (photo)

Han Solo costume, originally uploaded by Mirka23.

Okay, I'm not a full Star Wars fan so I don't know why this is awesome, but I will share it because so many loved it.

Via Flickr:
Awesome costume, but I don't know how this guy got around on the exhibit floor! From Comic-con 2002.

Post-Explosion Mad Scientist Costume

Here's an easy one for Halloween-- The Mad Scientist!

Like it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Son of Man on Halloween

Rene Magritte Another option

son of man (with facepaint) costume

son of man, originally uploaded by GoGoRainbow.

Rene Magritte's painting Son of Man come to life.

I love all these!

The Son of Man Costume (photo)

The Son of Man, originally uploaded by kirstiecat.

There are a few ways to do this one...

Via Flickr:
My friend Austin came up with a really awesome costume. He's the protagonist in the painting by René Magritte called The Son of Man.

David Bowie on Haight street Costume (photo)

She is awesome!

Jellyfish costume (photo)

I love this for a night time trick or treat - glowing jellyfish costume

DIY with umbrella...

Hugh Hefner & Playboy Bunnies (Best Group Costume)

What a great easy costume for a group!

Via Flickr:
Pink adult footie pajamas make great Playboy Bunny Costumes. We also have the Pink Bunny Ears.

Keywords; Halloween costumes

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Halloween Costume (couple costume)

I love the style of these two.

A great costume for the Cat in the Hat fans of the world.

And easy DIY...

Keyword: Dr. Seuss, Halloween costumes

Best Halloween costume: Bob Ross (Painter)

Oh the PBS Painter Bob Ross --- I love this costume!

All those happy trees!

Iron Man Costume - Halloween

Iron Man Costume - Haloween, originally uploaded by Nic Marks.

Robert Downey Jr. costume. Love the glowing chest...

Unicorn & Rainbows Costume

Best ever..., originally uploaded by DrifterPunk.

Easy DIY costume for Halloween

Auction Painting Costume (photo)

Best Costume Evar, originally uploaded by je vivroie liement.

a great costume for art lovers!

keywords; best Halloween costume

Thursday, April 7, 2011

ron burgundy and bender

ron burgundy and bender, originally uploaded by Mr. Wright.

Bender from Futura-rama costume! Love the expression.

Best Costume Ever -Dinosaur Captures Man Costume!

Best Costume Ever, originally uploaded by spleeney.


Via Flickr:

Captain Hook Costume

A Pirate Portrait, originally uploaded by PelicanPete.

And he won best costume that night!

Via Flickr:
of Captain Hook at the pirate costume contest. He won!

Keywords: Halloween costumes, pirate costumes

Jaws Costume (Shark eating Man) costume (photo)

My Vote For Best Costume!, originally uploaded by conrado4.

Heath Ledger's The Joker Costume. (photo)

IMG_4178, originally uploaded by wahmpire.

Amazing job here.

Via Flickr:
THE best Joker. There were others that were close, but this guy had it perfect.

Cute girl's head in Monster's hands -- Best Halloween costume ever

Best Halloween costume ever, originally uploaded by vostok71.

I'm not even sure how to describe this one! But pretty amazing!

Drunk Pink Bunny Costume

A pink bunny takes a break, originally uploaded by SerenityF.

I'm not sure this is the *best* costume, but it made me laugh.

Photo NOTE: A pink bunny takes a break

Best Costume of the Night - Betty La Fea

Ugly Betty Costume! INCREDIBLE! She nailed it!

Best Costume: Pee Wee Herman

Another Muppet Costume - This time it's ANIMAL!

best costume ever, originally uploaded by the weather man lies.

Be an ANIMAL for Halloween!

Classic Batman and Robin Costumes

Batman and Robin, originally uploaded by smeeon.

Another good couple costume.

Via Flickr:
or is it Robin and Batman? pretty well done :)

Harry Potter costume- with a gent who really looks like him!

Potter? is that you?, originally uploaded by smeeon.

Harry Potter, is that you?

great costume!

beaker! from the Muppets! (photo)

beaker!, originally uploaded by smeeon.

Okay, here's a costume for those who have an inner scientist!

Love this!

Via Flickr:
beaker and darth brooks (Darth Vader + Garth Brooks)

Best costumes ever.

Scarlet O'Hara gone with the wind white dress

For Halloween-- you just need Rhett Butler for a couple's costume.

Group costume - Pastel Spider Men

Pastel Spider Men, originally uploaded by smeeon.

Spiderman but in the colors of Easter eggs.

Via Flickr:
WTF doesn't begin to describe it

Computer Error Costume

Best Costume EVER, originally uploaded by smeeon.

Very funny Error 404 "No Costume Found" costume.

And easy to do.

Just imagine that white screen we all get!

Neon People Costume

Best costumes ever, originally uploaded by Ginger DJ.

This could probably be done with those glowlights they sell at Halloween.

Or maybe reflective strips.

Very cool Shiny happy people .

Hilarious! The Real Housewives of Boca Raton Costume

Best Costume of the Night, originally uploaded by bestgesture.

Now, you could do this for any odd city or town in your area. Real Housewives of _________

Best costume of the night they say.

Via Flickr:
The Real Housewives of Boca Raton

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Marge & Homer Simpson Costume (photo)

Halloween on Cedar Springs, originally uploaded by Scutter.

husband wife costume with the HOMER mask.

Marge blue wig, red necklace and green dress!

Marge and Homer Simpson (couples' costumes photo)

yellow, originally uploaded by *fizzle.

The Simpsons! A great family costume

Marge & Homer. Love it!

Marge Simpson Halloween Costume

Okay, she's the prettiest Marge Simpson ever, but still, love the costume!

Homer Has Done Pretty Well For Himself

Via Flickr:
Marge Simpson was hangin' out with us for a short time at the Grand Saloon for Courtstock '07.

Apple's iPod Halloween Costume (photo)

Halloween 2004, originally uploaded by BitBoy.

This is way cool!

Via Flickr:
My Halloween Costume. Yes, iDressed up as everyone's favorite dancing digital music player ad.

Tetris Halloween Costume (Couples Costume)

Tetris Halloween Costumes, originally uploaded by Glen Murphy.

Are you a gamer? Do you need a couple's costume? Is your girl/boy friend a gamer?

Here's your costume-- Tetris blocks. While kind of a pain to wear (you're a weird size) would be a good winner for a gaming convention or some other geeky event.

Via Flickr:
These took about five hours to make, and used about $57 worth of stuff from an office supply store, including the scissors. The best part was having to try on boxes in the store, to the bemusement of those around us.

They were a bit hot and bulky in use, and it was super hard to hear anyone. If it was to be done again, I'd recommend cutting ear-holes in them, or at least making the face areas more open.

We also didn't count on how much Tetris we'd have to play to get these to fit in the car.

Love this Lichtenstein Halloween Costume! (photo)

WOW!, originally uploaded by hallu_ci_genia.

If you're familiar with Roy Lichtenstein, then this costume will definitely be a hit with you.

A great artsy smart costume for artists or art lovers or anyone who wants to win a Halloween Costume contest.

This is definitely one of my favs!

Keywords; costume party winners

Snack Machine: Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume, originally uploaded by ~*Brands*~.

Via Flickr:
This is me being competition for the vending machines at work(which are ALWAYS empty)

I made this costume 2 years ago, first one I'd made in about 10 years.

Halloween costumes for office workers, candy lovers,

West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnival

This photo made me laugh...

Via Flickr:
From the West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval 2007. The poor lady and her Pikachu costumed kid were trying to get their picture taken with those two guys with wings. Then the priest comes over and the two girls cut in on the shot. This was a wild free-for-all.