Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eternal Chaplin in Black and White (photo)

Eternal Chaplin, originally uploaded by Nwardez.

One more CHarlie Chaplin

Via Flickr:
Venise Carnaval

Charlie Chaplin Cosplayer costume

Another Charlie...

Silent film star costumes.

Via Flickr:
This cosplayer was dressed as Charlie Chaplin

Bee Girl Costume

the spelling bee, originally uploaded by drcorneilus.

So cute for little girls!

TOddler costumes.

Charlie Chaplin costume (photo)

Charlie Chaplin, originally uploaded by jonathan mcintosh.

I may have just found my next Halloween costume. I LOVE this. WAY COOL!

Via Flickr:
Costume portraits from Dragon*Con 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.

AND MS. Pacman and the Lotus Elise

Via Flickr:
Ms Pacman costume we found on Freecycle next to a friend's Lotus Elise

You can read more about the photos at My Lotus Elise.

Pacman Costume and the Lotus Elise

Via Flickr:
Pacman costume we found on Freecycle next to a friend's Lotus Elise

You can read more about the photos at My Lotus Elise.

Care Bears!!

Care Bears, originally uploaded by jonathan mcintosh.

Via Flickr:
Costume portraits from Dragon*Con 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Joker meets Alice in wonderland AND ...

The Joker and Alice, originally uploaded by ewen and donabel.

the Cheshire Cat! These are INCREDIBLE costumes.

Classic Joker!!

Via Flickr:
Costumed attendees at Comic-Con 2008.

Figure out who she is?

Taco Belle!


Via Flickr:
Taco Belle costume for the Mexican party,

Coolest costume ever -- Banksy Costume on a Brick Wall 02

Banksy (Graffiti artist) costume! LOVE this!

Some people just have so much creativity.
THis would be great for a Halloween party at an art museum. (or just for the artist or artsy person).

Elphaba Witch & Dorothy

Great couple costume for women for Halloween...

(or given that last male Dorothy we just saw, I shouldn't say you are welcome to try this one...)

Clark Kent costume

THis will always be a favorite of mine for Halloween!

with the Superman logo peeking out (love the Clark KEnt glasses!)

Homemade Halloween costumes, DIY halloween costumes.

Ha! Lego Star Wars Costumes (photo)

Lego Star Wars Costumes, originally uploaded by Jacob Davies.

Love it!

Via Flickr:
I was so so pleased with these.

DIY Bat Costume

Bat costume - 12, originally uploaded by L. Marie.

With Black umbrella wings-- this is WAY cool!

Need-- black hoodie, skirt (um, if a girl!) black umbrella....

Via Flickr:
Project instructions here.

Medusa costume (photo)

Medusa costume, originally uploaded by ontheborderland.

This costume is so good it totally gives me the creeps!!! SNAKES...eek!

BEST couples costumes-- The YipYips fro Sesame Street!!! (photo)

Haloween Costumes, originally uploaded by jonnypage.

I LOVE this costume and this is totally DIY!


Via Flickr:
Kim and I went as the Yip Yips from Sesame Street, it was pretty awesome.

Way Cool Neon Bracelet costumes-- .

The most terrifying costume for Halloween...

yes, go as the Economy!

Old World Royalty Costume from Costume Con

Costume Con 2009, originally uploaded by Anna Fischer.

SO Beautiful! And the photography on this by Anna Fischer is brilliant!

Such a gorgeous costume and some notes on it--

Thanks for taking such a great photo of me. This is the actual Simplicity Tudor gown and underpinnings designed by Andrea Schewe
I was one of Andrea's models for her Simplicity Costume Fashion show at CC27.
Mary Alice

Hilarious! - Male Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Not the Dorothy I remember! We're not in Kansas anymore!

He is one big guy! Dorothy or the Hulk incognito, I'm not sure.

Rubik's Cube Costume

You could do this one on your own...

DIY costumes for Halloween

Theme: games, toys

Vendetta Costume

Vendetta Costume, originally uploaded by San Diego Shooter.

Dachshund in Sombrero Costume

Dachshund in Mexican Costume, originally uploaded by Lee Coursey.

Via Flickr:
A dachshund celebrates Mexico! costume -- taken at the Halloweenie festival in Decatur, Georgia

VINTAGE!! Martian Costumes Halloween 1960

Now, let's go retro at Best Costume...

Via Flickr:
This is my cousin Linda Weintz and her date dressed in martian costumes made by my mother Delores Liess. The notation on the back of the photo states that they won a costume contest at a dance club.

flower bouquet costume (child's costume)

flower bouquet costume, originally uploaded by hownowdesign.


Best toddler costume...

Via Flickr:
I made our 1 year old a flower bouquet costume. She's not a fan of costumes in general...hence the difficulty trying to take a photo of her in it. :) Read more on Aesthetic Outburst.

DIY Ganesh Costume I

Ganesh Costume I, originally uploaded by enno.

Perfect for your favorite buddhist.

(blue elephant with lei costume...) Love this!

Via Flickr:
I was invited to an India-themed party the other day and this is what my costume looked like.
Marcus taking a picture of me in the costume.

Hilarious! - Injured Kitty Costume (photo)

Injured Kitty Costume, originally uploaded by zoomar.

Another great costume (AND in the cone of shame!!)

(could also be a good dog costume too).

(Remember Doug (Dug) in the cone-of-shame from UP?!)

Via Flickr:
Halloween costume of injured kitty complete with color coordinated bandages.

DIY Croc Costume -

Croc Costume - 09.jpg, originally uploaded by L. Marie.

Do it yourself crocodile Costume!

Via Flickr:
Costume instructions here.

Illuminated Costume

Illuminated Costume, originally uploaded by Beo Beyond.

WOW! LOVE this!

Via Flickr:
Model: Anne
Light-up Costume design: Beo Beyond -
Lighting: UV / Blacklight, Tungsten, LED
Year: 2010

file name: img_7885.jpg

One more of Little Yoda

BEAUTIFUL portrait! Mom and child costumes

Via Flickr:
Fans compete in the Star Wars costume pageant at CE. Photo by Bonnie Burton. Read more about Celebration Europe on

Star Wars - Little Yoda 2

This is the sweetest thing ever and I love the way mom looks too!

Via Flickr:
Fans compete in the Star Wars costume pageant at CE. Photo by Bonnie Burton. Read more about Celebration Europe on

Teen Wolf!

Halloween Costumes, originally uploaded by Uriel 1998.

Via Flickr:
Chris' werewolf costume cost $10, and was WAY kick-ass. Stefan's monk costume cost about the same, since we already had the robe.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Family Costume-- S'mores!

I love the baby as the marshmallow!

So there you are a Hershey's Chocolate costume, 2 graham crackers and the baby marshmallow with fake fire.  Good to go!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day from the Flintstones!

WIIIILLLMMMAAAA, originally uploaded by Carosaurus.


***Great vintage photo of the Flintstones costume- Fred, Wilma, Bam-Bam & Pebbles!