Saturday, September 18, 2010

Facebook costume

Facebook costume, originally uploaded by Pak Siang.

Make your own Facebook page to wear for Halloween.

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Best Group Costume Halloween

This won for best group contest in 2009. It would definitely still work in 2010

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Best Group Halloween costume Tetris blocks!

Okay, this is awesome! Tetris blocks putting themselves together (though it would kind of suck to be the small square- give that to the tiniest person!)

But lOVE this and it would be hilarious at a halloween costume party. You could have fun getting into order all night!

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Love this Samantha and Lindsay Lohan costume

spinning tunes, originally uploaded by allysonk.

The DJ and the actress, this is such a great costume and Lindsay even has the pose right! I love this.

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Halloween Costume Lindsay Lohan Mugshot

Halloween Lindsay Lohan, originally uploaded by Mel Hart.

Great spoof costume on Lindsay Lohen in her mugshot. Notice the blood from the nose (cocaine usage) and tired eyes and hoodie.

Love this.

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Hänsel und Gretel @ Halloween

Another funny costume. Carry bread crumbs and lots of candy!

(brothers grimm fairytale reference for those of you missed having Hansel and Gretel read to them as a child)

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Kanye & Taylor Swift Costume

Great VMA costume Taylor Swift & Kayne West.

This halloween costume would be SO easy to do. BLond wig, pink polo shirt, your set (they even made the MTV astronaut trophy! )

Love this.

Joan Rivers Costume (photo)

Aaaaaaah!, originally uploaded by teensleuth.

Awesome Joan Rivers Costumer here! Love the giant lips and the overdone makeup. She looks perfect!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Popeye & Olive Oyl Costume (couple costume photo)

Love this homemade Popeye and Olive Oyl costume.  And if you're Popeye, you HAVE to learn the face!

Popeye & OliveOyl costume

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Couples Costume: Times Square Kiss

Dress as a sailor and nurse and pose this kiss all night.

For extra credit-- try to do your entire outfit (and add face makeup) to make it look as if you are in black and white (like the famous photo!)

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Lots of Red Lace... Lady Gaga from the VMAs costume

Would be an interesting costume for a woman just needing a lot of red lace!

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For Kids- Sweetest Halloween Costumes ever - Cotton candy & Cupcake...

Jack Black Nacho Libre Costume

So you want to go as Jack Black???

Saturday, September 4, 2010

80's Madonna Lucky Star costume

HEre's Madonna during her Lucky Star phase. Great halloween costume!

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80's Madonna Lucky Star costume

HEre's Madonna during her Lucky Star phase. Great halloween costume!

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desperately seeking a costume Madonna & Rosanna Arquette

LOVE this costume! Such an 80's tribute! Great job, down to the green socks!

Photo notes;

desperately seeking a costume contest

Right side of photo by Smoothdude.

Those of us who spend weeks each fall toiling over the costume process, from idea inception to execution of the finest detail, await with bated breath the moment we step foot outside dressed as someone we hope everyone will recognize. We spend countless hours and dollars collecting wigs, wading through second-hand clothes, combing the Internet for photos, and practicing the perfect pose. When the big night comes along -- we're ready.

In recent years past I've coupled with Bryan as both Angelina/Billy Bob (remember those days?) and TomKat; gone solo a la HBO; and made a Britney-through-the-years trio with Sue and Sarah. This year was a feat of overseas coordination as Jen and I pooled international resources to recreate a classic 80s look. Bryan went retro too; living completely in the 80s for one night is always oh-so-dreamy for me. Sometimes I think if I could wear that much makeup and that big hair every day, I would. Luckily, I can't.

On Tuesday, Jen and I were thrilled early on when two guys passing us on the street yelled out, "HI SUSAN!" (It's a bit of an obscure a costume choice, we know.) Later that night we got a few more shout-outs at The Cutting Room, including a gal about our age who uttered the aforementioned "Desperately Seeking Susan?! Oh my gawd that's awesome!" Heartwarming.

Looking around on flickr, I have to give props to Amy and Patrick for incorporating 8 months of pregnancy into the act. Their photoset also reminds me why I love Halloween in San Francisco so much.

We had a blast hanging out with rasta Sly, my photographer brother and rocking Jayney. The Meatloaf cover band was 80s awesome too, and even if I only got a shot of Constantine Maroulis's head, all told it was an excellent Halloween.

What did you dress up as?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

donald trump costume Halloween (photo)

the donald, originally uploaded by giddygirlie.

the donald

Photo note:

for a work event last year, we did an Apprentice skit and I had to make a Donald Trump wig. I bought a standard wig and then made a massive comb-over. I made Ryan model it. Apparently, I am fired.

Bret Michaels Costume (photo)

Diana as Bret Michaels, originally uploaded by kerryvaughan.

By the way, this is a girl!

Great Bret Michaels costume and easy to do-- Bandanna, cowboy hat, jeans, funky rock and roll t-shirt, some stubble (done with make up!) and you're in!

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Lady Gaga Costume (Telephone)

Lady Gaga Costume, originally uploaded by pinkysaurus_rex.

Here's the top view with the TElephone accessory hat!

Halloween costumes, best halloween costumes celebrities

Lady Gaga Costume *(Telephone)

Lady Gaga Costume, originally uploaded by pinkysaurus_rex.

Here's an idea for Halloween, - a child's telephone on your head and funky clothes.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Martini Costume (photo)

Martini, originally uploaded by Mickipedia.

For those who love to drink and Halloween.

Be a martini for Halloween

Couple Costume: monet and his favorite painting

Claude Monet & his lilypad painting costume

Keywords; artist costumes, unique halloween costumes, art costumes, painting costumes

Couple Costume: monet and his favorite painting

Claude Monet & his lilypad painting costume

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art history costume (photo)

art history, originally uploaded by throw her in the water.

Love this picasso inspired costume as well!

PHoto note:

me & audra cleopatra and a picasso impressionist painting. (she is NOT naked. it's a bodysuit.)

Picasso Painting Halloween Costume (photo)

picasso, originally uploaded by miss buenos aires.

I so love this Pablo Picasso painting inspired costume! A walking work of art!

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Where's Waldo? Costume: Take 2

Where's Waldo?, originally uploaded by Darshan Shankar.

DIY Where's Waldo Costume

, originally uploaded by Leia Jospe.

Striped red shirt (check!)

Red hat (check!)

Harry Potter glasses (check!)

beer... wait a minute....

Best Ghost Costumes

Best Costume I found, originally uploaded by WeezDeez.

These two remind me of the ghosts from Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Love the old look and everything gray. Incredible costumes!

Keywords; ghost costume ideas for Halloween

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Easy, Ironic costume - Freudian Slip (photo)

freudian slip, originally uploaded by riverinthepines.

Here's the costume (I think Meg Ryan wore in one movie) where you wear a slip and either put a sash on it that reads: FREUDIAN (make sure to spell it correctly!)

Or put on the face of Dr. Sigmund Freud.

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Mario Kart Costumes (great couple or friends costume)

Mario Kart, originally uploaded by Dance Party Duo.

This is a great costumes for two guys that want to go to a halloween party together.

Is easily a DIY costume with painted cardboard box, black or red shirt, hat with stripes and M or L, fake mustache (essential!) white gloves.

Very easy to put together and great for Wii fans or video fanatics.

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Group Costume Idea: Smurfs!

smurfs, originally uploaded by *** z i l l a h ***.

Make sure to notice Papa Smurf in the middle, quite funny!

But an easy costume for all- royal blue legging and white skirt for the gals, white pants for the men, royal blue shirt and white pointed hat (these can be made out of felt, even glued together).

blue face paint.

There are a ton of smufts to be, of course, I'm only remembering
Smurfette, but you could even create your own, Artist Smurf, writer smurf, drunk (or Drunken) Smurf, Angry Smurf, go with it!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lily and Herman Munster Halloween costumes (photo)

Lily and Herman Munster, originally uploaded by Charger's Mommy.

Here's the couple's version of the Munster's costume.

The key to Herman Munster is the GREEN face makeup! Also, I saw someone do Herman and he had high water pants which I thought were perfect!

black hair and green face make-up And he has some great black boots on.

Keywords munsters for halloween costumes, best couples costumes, famous tv couples, famous halloween couples. costumes

Lily Munster Halloween Costume

Lily Munster, originally uploaded by carriepie.

Feel pretty and scary at the same time as Lilly Munster!

Keyword: Lilly Munster Costume for Halloween, white dress, gray and black wig

Edward Scissorhands costume in black leather (photo)

Edward Scissorhands, originally uploaded by pgp_geek.

Here's another example of an Edward Scissorhands costume.

Definitely a prize-winning costume!

Edward Scissor hands

Photo note:

My main costume for this year.
I won first place at two costume contests, almost recuperating the cost of the costume.

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Edward Scissorhands halloween costume (photo)

Do it yourself Edward Scissorhand costume

What you need--

white shirt
black pants
black suspenders
scissor cut out of cardstock that you can wrap with tinfoil (real scissors might be a tad dangerous)
white makeup,
black makeup around the eyes,
crazy hair (dark hair color or hairspray...
optional - leather choker

Keywords: Johnny Depp costumes, Edward Scissorhands costume diy,

DIY Bucket of Popcorn and Movie Ticket Costumes

Love these adorable costumes (adults could do these too) but probably easier for kids. For the ticket, some poster board and good handwriting (or print out the info from your computer). For the popcorn, a white box, red duct tape and popcorn with a lot of glue.

Love this.

PHoto note: Bucket of Popcorn and Movie Ticket Costumes

I made my 4 year old daughter a bucket of popcorn costume for Halloween 2008. It won us an ipod at the Tokyo's New Sanno Halloween costume contest. My other daughter went as a movie ticket to coordinate with the popcorn.
For more pictures or directions go to

Keywords: do-it-yourself costumes for kids, winning costume examples, halloween costumes for kids to make at home.

Pregnant Brownie (Girl Scout) Halloween Costume (photo)

Funniest Costume, originally uploaded by dubsies.

This one for funniest costume,

If you wanted to have a couple costume you could add a boy scout! Maybe a sexy boyscout costume where the boy scout is part gigolo or maybe a cub scout leader! Many places to take this one!

Keywords: Halloween costumes, funny halloween costumes for women, couples, girl scout halloween costumes, brownies costume, best costumes.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vincent van Gogh Costume (photo)

Vincent, originally uploaded by nicasaurusrex.

LOVE this Vincent van Gogh with sunflowers. And hat and look at his face! Just like the self-portrait. This is a fav of mine down to the yellow clogs.

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"The Scream" Edvard Munch Halloween costume

Scream, originally uploaded by mrdorkesq.

LOVE this little boy! Fantastic costume!

This could be done for an adult as well.

Photo note:

My son wanted to be the painting "The Scream" for Halloween in 2003.

I painted a copy of the painting onto a Styrofoam insulation board that I had covered with linen and sewed the painting onto a black sweatshirt.

American Gothic costume (couple costumes)

American Gothic, originally uploaded by San Diego Shooter.

Here's another version with bald skull and bring your own frame!

Keywords: couple costumes, halloween costumes for couples, bald men, couple costume ideas!

"American Gothic" costume

Lots of great renditions of American Gothic painting as a costume

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The Son of Man Painting Costume (photo)

The Son of Man, originally uploaded by jmurawski.

How cool is this?

And not too hard to do. Very artistic costume and perfect for the art lovers and artists out there.

Photo note:

Tim's Halloween costume, with appropriate photoshopped background. If you've never seen the original painting, check it out here:

I forget where we found the hat, but the apple was yanked from a hideous $9 discount fruit and flower arrangement we found at JoAnn Fabrics, and I just wired them together and sewed the wire onto the hat, disguised by the hat's ribbon brim.

Keywords: painting costume, artist costume, famous painting halloween costume, creative halloween costume ideas,

Ms. Pac Man and the Ghosts Group Costume

Ms. Pac Man and the Ghosts, originally uploaded by palcarl.

Love this! If you can find someone to be PacMan, I know I'd want to be a ghost!

This looks pretty easy to do too!

Keywords: video characters costume, pac-man costume, Miss PacMan costume, video game costumes.

Ghostbusters Group Costume (photo)

032 Drunken Ghostbusters, originally uploaded by dragoncon.

Great costume

And someone could dress up as the ghost.

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Vintage Mickey Mouse Club Group Costume (photo)

Circ_ MickeyMouseClub, originally uploaded by hendersonlibraries.

Love the TV (and the black and white photo!) Easy fun costume for a group.

Though everyone will want to be Annette & Cubby. I know it!


Mousekateer costume,

Best Group Costume - Wizard of Oz

Best Group Costume, originally uploaded by gazerdude.

Lion, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man costumes

Lego Costume - Group Costume

Lego Costume - Group Shot, originally uploaded by gdmfl68.

Plastic lego men costume - Incredible!

keywords; Halloween costume ideas, group costume ideas

Best Group Costume - Army Men

Army Men, originally uploaded by FFFew.

The toy army men (could even add a G.I. Joe) this would be an awesome Halloween costume for a group! This looks so cool!

Keywords: adult costumes, halloween costumes, best ideas for costumes, do-it-yourself costumes, DIY costumes, Army Men Figures costume toy

Day of the Dead street vendor - Best Costume Winner

Incredible Day of the Dead costume--

Photo note:

2008 Official Salem Witches Ball $1000 1st prize winner for best costume