Friday, September 30, 2011

Shark Attack & Surfer Group or Family Costume (see photo)

From the awesome blog:  The Fickle Pickle  - She has GREAT Halloween decorating ideas too.

Anyway, this would be a great costume for kids and parents or a group of people  WAY cute and comfy for all those involved.  SO easy too.

Just beach clothes, shark costumes(which are warm at night for kids) and you are set.

A favorite halloween costume for dads moms and kids!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Justin Timberlake costume d*ck in a box (photo)

Justin Timberlake by RichDelux
Justin Timberlake, a photo by RichDelux on Flickr.

hilarious. But dear gawd, I would not want my boyfriend in this.

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman Costume

Okay, we know a lot of people like to lose their clothes on Halloween. If you do, try the Julia Roberts Pretty Woman hooker costume. Then maybe have your date go in the brown polka dress and hat kentucky derby costume.

Frida Kahlo Self Portrait Costume

Frida Kahlo by SanFranAnnie
Frida Kahlo, a photo by SanFranAnnie on Flickr.

LOVE This The frame totally makes this halloween costume!

Via Flickr:
One of my favorites of the night

Dead Frida Kahlo Costume

Dead Frida Kahlo Costume by nadja.robot
Dead Frida Kahlo Costume, a photo by nadja.robot on Flickr.

Day of the Dead Frida Kahlo costume. LOVE!

Trotsky + Kahlo, Commie Luvahs

Love this! Frida Kahlo costume... And Leon Trotsky! Happy Halloween artists!

Via Flickr:
Jordan as Leon Trotsky (complete with pick-axe-induced head wound) and me as artist Frida Kahlo - one-time lovers - en route to Washington Improv Theater's revolution-themed party.

Channeling dead artists - vincent van gogh costume

Channeling dead artists by 1f2frfbf
Channeling dead artists, a photo by 1f2frfbf on Flickr.

I love it when people dress as artists...
vincent van gogh self portrait.

Via Flickr:
My Halloween costume or: Any excuse to wear a beret. Fortunately, all my friends are artists so they caught the obscure reference. (my ear is still in place, however)

Artist Costume

Via Flickr:
artist costume for Halloween! She's a walking palette!

Easy costume & easy to find Waldo

Pretty easy to find here. by alt text
Pretty easy to find here., a photo by alt text on Flickr.

Where's Waldo-- and the best part of this costume is how much fun you could have when people take photos!

This would be a huge amusement for me all night.

Halloween costumes easy- and another literary costume, if you can believe it.
DIY costumes.

Carrie costume (Stephen King) photo

Carrie by hyperion327
Carrie, a photo by hyperion327 on Flickr.

okay, go bloody for Halloween as Carrie the girl who gets pig's blood dumped on her head-- I Have hated Sissy Spacek since that movie, she freaked me out.

Anyway, another literary costume (maybe literary should be in quotes) but she definitely does CARRIE!

halloween costume -scary bloody prom queens. I hate cow's blood. ugh.

Max from Where The Wild THings ARe Costume -- Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!

Easy costume and one person gets to go shirtless if he chooses---

but dress as Max and have the group dress as the "wild things" pretty cool. And fun.

Max and Wild Things Costume for Halloween-- literary costumes. Group costume ideas best

Hot Dog on a Stick Workers Costume

Hot Dog on a Stick Workers by elaine a
Hot Dog on a Stick Workers, a photo by elaine a on Flickr.

Okay, here's the full look at the costume Easy and comfy for Halloween!

Hot Dog on a Stick Costume

Okay, she really works there, but I think this would an AWESOME costume, be a Hotdogger as they are called, a hot-dog-on-a-stick girl. Cute outfits for the halloween party!

Hospital Patients Costume (with faux bum!) photo

Picture 130 by JVarghese81
Picture 130, a photo by JVarghese81 on Flickr.

Okay, this is for the Halloween party with a good (maybe raunchy) sense of humor...Hospital patients (can be a group costume too).

Just need the fake butt. And the hospital gown. Let your imaginations go wild on ailments.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Head in the Freezer Costumer

IMG_9615 by itsjustkate
IMG_9615, a photo by itsjustkate on Flickr.

Pretty amazing costume! DIY! Homemade Halloween costume. Kind of dark but also funny. And cool.

Via Flickr:
the coolest costume of the night.

Kool-Aid Man Costume

This would be a fun costume to had if you had a paper wall to run through.

From the 70's and 80's commercials, KoolAid Costume for Halloween

The Jetson's costume for Halloween

Haloween2010_09 by cabezadepondo
Haloween2010_09, a photo by cabezadepondo on Flickr.

For those who love cartoons couple's costume--
Meet the Jetsons!

George Jetson!
Jane Jetson!

Someone could also go as Elroy, Judy & Astro if you want a group !

Sock Monkey Costumes

Great Halloween costume if you have to trick or treat on a cold night!

Via Flickr:
The Alaska Ski for Women is an annual event, held on Super Bowl Sunday, at Kincaid Park in west Anchorage. The 2011 ski was held on 6 Feb 2011 on a bitterly cold day.

The Ski for Women is a big fundraising event with the proceeds going to agencies that specialize in dealing with abuse and violence against women and children.

The ski is part fun and part competition with a lot of cool costumes; there was an incredible turnout considering how cold and windy it was. I was there for a little over two hours and could barely feel my toes and fingers despite being prepared for the cold - but it was definitely worth it.

Good fun for good causes - Alaskan women do rock!

Homemade R2D2 costume - Star Wars fans this is amazing!

I have the coolest dad ever. by MooseBot
I have the coolest dad ever., a photo by MooseBot on Flickr.

Okay, I LOVE this. Made for a kid by his dad. R2 D2

LOVE! DIY and I'm sure a lot of work, but so cool!

via Flickr
I have the coolest dad ever. Halloween costume.

Group Costume: Parisians!

Dress up like the French for Halloween.

Stripped shirt, beret, black pants or skirt. Red scarf and walk through your own Halloween Paris.

Oh and the fake moustache

Meanies Costumes: Sweeney Todd and Sue Sylvester

Meanies by Canadian Veggie
Meanies, a photo by Canadian Veggie on Flickr.

For Halloween--

Via Flickr:
Sweeney Todd and Sue Sylvester ... drinking from erlenmeyer flasks.

DIY costumes for Halloween

Costume Winners for Halloween

Costume Winners by Canadian Veggie
Costume Winners, a photo by Canadian Veggie on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Best Costume - Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)
Best Choreography -
Don Lockwood (Singin' in the Rain')
Best Performance - Sue Sylvester (Glee)

I love that a guy did Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch)

Vyvyan from the 80's British TV show "The Young Ones"

Very Metal by greenwithevil
Very Metal, a photo by greenwithevil on Flickr.

If you grew up watching MTV in the 80's/90's, you'll remember The Young ONes show. You could do a group costume with Neil, Rik (Rick), and what was the cool one's name?

Great show! Excellent costume

Vivian from the Young Ones

Via Flickr:
For halloween I was Vyvyan from the 80's British TV show "The Young Ones"

Mad Men Costumes - Very cool! DIY

Via Flickr:
A couple dressed as Joan Harris and Roger Sterling from MAD MEN at the Halloween Party at the Royalton Hotel in Manhattan.

LOVE the lipstick print on his collar and her red dress and hair.

Halloween Galaxy Costume

Halloween Galaxy by gilly youner
Halloween Galaxy, a photo by gilly youner on Flickr.

Love this easy costume for night time-- Go as the universe or a constellation! Black clothes with lights on you. Easy

do-it-yourself halloween costumes
Night sky costume
DIY costume

Couple Halloween Costume-- Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Female Ghostbuster costumes (guests)

StayPuff Marshmallow & Ghostbuster...

I would want to be the Ghostbuster, that's a heck of a costume to wear all night, --unless you're trick or treating and it's cold!


Great group of costumes for Halloween (for the ladies)

Laydeez by Cracker and Cheese
Laydeez, a photo by Cracker and Cheese on Flickr.

I love the Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's costume!! (as Holly GoLightly!)

The Peg Bundy costume is also awesome! LOVE IT!

Here's the list

Via Flickr:
(l to r) Holly Golightly, flapper, Charlie Brown, Wilma from the Flintstones, Pirate Wench, Amanda as Bret Michaels, as Peg Bundy

Costume ideas for Halloween DIY women's costumes

Lady Gaga (celebrity costumes for halloween)

iPhone 012 by sara_kate
iPhone 012, a photo by sara_kate on Flickr.

Another great costume!

Black sunglasses, black shirt, glitter belt, blonde wig, you're set.

Halloween costume!

Easy costume for Halloween Bret Michaels

iPhone 011 by sara_kate
iPhone 011, a photo by sara_kate on Flickr.

This works for either a girl or a guy.

Go to Goodwill get black t-shirt with graphic, bandanna and blonde wig (unless you have longer blonde hair).

Arm tattoo bands look great also.

put on a little eye liner, darken your eyebrows, good to go!

Brett Michaels

Via Flickr:
Bret Michaels